Azerbaijan’s transition to “green energy” – economic development and other advantages

Azerbaijan can reduce the consumption of natural gas by increasing the production of renewable energy. The natural gas saved for the production of methanol and urea can contribute to the creation of added value in the non-oil sector.

The report was narrated by the economist Amal Hasanli.

According to him, today the “green agenda” is a global trend: “According to estimates, an increase in the average global temperature by more than one degree and an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, along with natural disasters, can lead to a decrease in agricultural yields. , abnormal heat” and this in turn poses serious threats to food security in the world. In this scenario, the transition of the global economy to “green energy” will accelerate, and by 2050, two-thirds of the energy produced in the world will be obtained from renewable energy sources. Azerbaijan cannot stay out of this. During the opening ceremony of the Khizi Absheron wind farm on January 13, the head of state emphasized that the production of renewable energy is one of the main tasks on our energy agenda. Development and economic stability in our country, because this transition means the development of new technologies and the formation of related fields “.

The expert believes that the formation of alternative energy infrastructure in the country can contribute significantly to employment.

“Azerbaijan has great potential, in particular, in the field of wind and solar energy. These opportunities are estimated at 3000 MW and 23,000 MW, respectively. We have enough mountain rivers. At the same time, our bioenergy capabilities should be especially noted. The transition to “green energy” can stimulate the creation of new jobs. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) predicts that investments in renewable energy will quadruple the number of jobs in this sector by 2050, to 42 million. In addition, , it will be possible to reduce the consumption of natural gas, and the saved natural gas can be directed to the production of methanol and urea, and this in turn will increase budget revenues by creating added value in the non-oil sector with the development of renewable energy infrastructure, opportunities will lead to an increase in the accumulation of excess energy that can be exported Al-Hassanli: Moving to neighboring countries, which is an additional income component for the state budget.

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