Azerbaijani Energy Minister: One of the main goals of the country is to become a source of “green energy”

One of the main goals of Azerbaijan is to develop the renewable energy sector and become a green energy exporter. This was stated by Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov, speaking at a round table on the topic “Azerbaijan – Oil and Gas: Prospects for the Future Energy Partnership” with the participation of German energy companies in the framework of the “Berlin Dialogue on Energy Transition”. “.

“Due to the huge solar and wind energy projects currently underway, the rich potential of renewable energy sources (about 27,000 MW onshore and 157,000 MW offshore), as well as plans to build two new lines that will ensure the growth of electricity exports to Europe, we can say that Azerbaijan has great prospects. To become a source of green energy corridor.This also makes Azerbaijan’s next contribution to diversifying energy supply in Europe through “green energy.” Companies from Germany can become important partners in our long-term energy cooperation in this direction.

Shahbazov spoke at the round table, which was attended by representatives of the German Wind Energy Confederation, the Energy Agency – DENA, the East European Business Association of Germany and the Confederation of Industry, about the prospects for developing cooperation between the two countries. In new areas: “Germany’s trade with Azerbaijan, an important trading partner in the South Caucasus, grew last year by 57%.

The Minister of Energy said that the end of the long-running conflict has fully guaranteed security, which is one of the main conditions for investment in the region.

The event discussed fruitful cooperation in the energy sector with VPC, Siemens, Berlin Wind and other German companies. The fruitful cooperation with DENA on the preparation of 4 pilot project proposals to support the development of renewable energy in Azerbaijan was also noted. To expand cooperation, German companies were invited to participate in renewable energy projects.

Also, Parviz Shahbazov shared his thoughts on energy transition and energy security, which became relevant in the face of unprecedented uncertainty in energy supply, as well as factors ensuring energy independence of Azerbaijan.

He noted that Azerbaijan stands in solidarity with calls for a just energy transition, supports efforts to strengthen the place of renewable energy sources in the energy mix, and also considers diversification of energy resources a guarantee of stability in the energy market in the future. .

Without ensuring energy security, the minister said, economic development, social welfare and environmental security become impossible.

Azerbaijan is a country that does not depend on foreign suppliers and has no energy security problems. Moreover, by exporting oil, gas and electricity, the country today contributes to the energy security of European countries along with the countries of the region.


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