Automation and green energy: how Pyaterochka takes care of the environment

The bulk of utility costs in stores are electricity. To reduce consumption and costs, a large retailer is automating engineering systems in its retail outlets


Reduce electricity costs.

Background and motivation

For retailers, utility costs are a major component of selling, general and administrative expenses. Electricity can consume up to 80-85% of utility bills.

The largest share – 62% of consumption – falls on refrigeration equipment. In total, electricity for refrigerators, as well as for lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, consumes about 30% of all store operating costs. For small format ports, this number is often higher.

As a rule, all listed systems are controlled manually or semi-automatically by store employees. But this does not always allow to take into account changing external conditions, so it is difficult to make such management energy-efficient.

“We are very careful when it comes to energy efficiency in stores,” the retail chain asserts. “Since the refrigeration equipment consumes the main part of the electricity, the improvement has begun with it.” According to representatives of the retailer, Pyaterochka achieved great success here and began to look for opportunities to improve energy consumption and savings.

Electricity consumption in the store

  • 62% – refrigeration equipment.
  • 15% – illumination;
  • 10% – air conditioning and ventilation.
  • 9% – thermal curtains.

Source: Pyaterochka chain of stores


Implementation of an integrated automation system for engineering systems “Smart Shop”.


The system began to be implemented in the trading network in 2019. At the first stage, Smart Store was launched in several Moscow retail outlets, and then its number was gradually increased.

The solution is a set of sensors, control units and special software that are integrated into the existing operational and operational processes and provide automatic control of all the main units that consume electricity.

There is a monitoring and dispatch system to control the refrigeration equipment. It allows you to control the optimal setting and compliance of parameters with technical specifications, quickly responding to an emergency situation.

Thermal blinds, air conditioners, ventilation, outdoor and indoor lighting are controlled by a programmable controller, which is integrated into the monitoring and transmission system. The device turns on and adjusts automatically as needed. For example, the inclusion of a thermal curtain depends on the calendar plan, the daily schedule, the temperature on the street and indoors. The ventilation system works according to an individual schedule: it can be completely turned off while the store is closed. The same goes for interior lighting. In turn, the external lighting and the store sign are controlled according to the sunrise and sunset of the geographical point where the store is.

The solution provides a special mode “Inventory”. Therefore, you can plan the required date in advance and thereby ensure the operation of the necessary engineering systems.

Pyaterochka is now implementing a comprehensive automation solution in each of the newly opened chain stores.

At the same time, the commercial network is implementing projects to switch to renewable energy. The sustainable development strategy of the X5 Retail Group provides for the use of 30% of “green” energy in its operations by 2030. Pyaterochka has already converted five distribution centers – four of its own and one that is leased – to electricity generated from hydroelectric plants of PJSC RusHydro . This source of electricity is renewable along with the energy of the sun, wind and tides. In total, Pyaterochka uses 30 distribution centers, and their share in the total consumption of the retail chain is about 6.6%.


According to representatives of Pyaterochka, the introduction of the Smart Store system helped reduce energy consumption in stores by 4.9%.

In October 2020, thanks to the Smart Store, the retail chain became the winner of the Trusted Partner – Environment competition, which is held by the Russian Environmental Association together with the Trusted Partner Association. The decision came in the nomination of “The Best Project in the Field of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency”.

Plans and prospects

Pyaterochka predicts that in the future the new energy management system will allow to reduce it by 20-25%. The return on investment will be up to two years.

According to representatives of the trading network, they continue to look for additional opportunities for savings, both at the level of control algorithms and through the introduction of new technologies.

In addition, starting from 2022, Pyaterochka plans to convert several distribution centers to the use of green energy.

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