Australia will build the largest park of wind turbines and solar panels

The project involves the construction of a ‘Western Green Energy Center’ in South Western Australia at a total cost of A$100 billion.

what happens

  • A consortium of Australian companies including InterContinental Energy, CWP Global and Mirning People has announced the creation of the Western Green Energy Hub in southwest Australia, the world’s largest fleet of solar and wind power plants to produce clean hydrogen.
  • Establishment of the center with a total area of ​​15 thousand square meters. How many are planned to be completed by 2030.
  • The declared capacity of the project is 50 GW, 20 GW of which will come from solar energy, and the remaining 30 GW from wind energy. The center is supposed to produce up to 3.5 million tons of “green” hydrogen or up to 20 million tons of “green” ammonia annually.
  • For comparison, in terms of capacity, the new fleet corresponds to 12 Leningrad NPPs, and in terms of area – to the Kaliningrad region.
  • The center will be built in a rather remote area of ​​Australia, which has excellent resources for solar and wind energy production – wind speeds reach 9 m / s, and solar radiation can produce 2000 kWh / square meter. M.
  • The hydrogen and ammonia produced will be used in power plants, shipping, heavy industry and aviation.
  • The consortium is currently in the process of obtaining permission from environmental authorities to build the center, which could take 18 to 24 months.

what do you mean

Under conditions of depletion of fossil energy resources, the future lies with renewable sources. This is the reason why green projects are actively developed all over the world. So, in May 2021, Oman announced a project to produce “green” hydrogen with a capacity of 25 GW, and a month later Kazakhstan announced the construction of 45 GW of solar and wind energy for hydrogen production.

However, the Australian Green Energy Center will be the largest renewable energy center in the world. For reference: Its capacity is comparable to the combined capacity of all coal, gas and renewable energy sources in the Australian national energy market, which is 54 gigawatts. Thus, this project will be able to significantly “green” the country’s energy resources.

It is worth noting that the Green Green Energy Center is not the first green hydrogen project to be announced in Australia. InterContinental Energy and CWP Global previously started another similar 23GW project, the Asian Renewable Energy Hub, but it was halted by the government for environmental reasons. “Green” activists considered this decision environmental sabotage and support for the fossil fuel sector. The situation has already met with public outcries, so it remains only to hope that the Australian government will not risk rejecting the proposal to implement a “green green energy centre”.

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