Revised schedule for Magnitogorsk 2022 . water shutdown

Revised schedule for Magnitogorsk 2022 . water shutdown

At the end of the month, on May 30 and 31, a new stage of turning off the hot water will take place in Magnitogorsk. What addresses will be supplied with cold water only after 5 days? When will the hot water run again? The schedule for 2022 was provided by “Heat Supply,” MR-info writes. … Read more

The inauguration of a biogas plant in the former landfill in the Lviv region | hall

More than 800,000 cubic meters of gas annually and “green” energy for about 735 families. This is how much a modern biogas plant operating at a solid household landfill in the Lviv region will provide. This was reported by the press service of the Lviv Regional State Administration, reports the Ukrainian News Agency. Thanks to … Read more

How do you get energy with reasonable economy?

Green Energy, Demand Management, and Fixed Prices: Changes in the global energy market allow companies to significantly reduce energy costs. In any enterprise, energy costs make up a large proportion of the total cost of production. The purchase and supply of electrical energy (capacity) is increasing annually. At the same time, global energy markets are … Read more

Why is bringing green technologies into business profitable? Interview with cams damir ollu

Tourism remains one of the most important sectors of the economy of Kyrgyzstan, therefore, in order to effectively promote and develop it, the state has developed the State Program for the Development of the Tourism Industry and the National Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic until 2040. The documents reflect the principles of sustainable development … Read more

Schedule of closing hot water in the Magnitogorsk region 2022 Ordzhonikidzevsky

In Magnitogorka, at the end of May, the next stage of turning off the hot water will take place. In which region and at what addresses will there be a supply of cold water only for 10 days? The table was provided by “Teplofication”. Details about “MR-info”. The first stage of cutting off the hot … Read more

Why is Green Energy a scam

The current fuel crisis in Europe can be considered the end of the “green energy” idea. Gas prices rose six times, from 200 euros to 1,200 euros per thousand cubic meters. Wind power plants stand due to complete silence, and solar power, as it was initially clear, is not able to provide stable generation due … Read more

Pros and Cons / Article / Susanin

Alternative energy sources – is it a good alternative to oil and coal, what are its advantages and disadvantages – said journalists. What is alternative energy? Alternative energy sources include non-conventional energy sources – solar, wind, geothermal, etc. Renewable energy sources do not pollute the environment, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, … Read more